Multiplexers Fiber

Transporting combinations of Telephone, Serial, 600ohm Analog and/or Dry Contact over Fiber

Optimize fiber usage with a variety of multiplexer (mux) options by transporting combinations of Telephone, Serial, 600 ohm Analog and/or Dry Contact over Fiber.

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WDM Multiplexer (2-ch.) (TC4001)

The 2-Channel TC4001 Wave Division Multiplexer doubles existing fiber optic cable capacity by transmitting bi-directional signals over a single fiber. Transparent to incoming data, it effectively doubles existing fiber optic cable capacity by multiplexing two separate channels over one single mode fiber. Dual two-channel units are also available.

Telephone, Data & Analog Multiplexer (TC8800E)

The TC8800E Fiber Optic Multiplexer is designed to extend up to 28 telephone, data & analog channels to remote network sites. Users can mix or match telephone channels or RS-232, RS-422, TTL, Dry Contact Closure, Dry Contact Detector and 2/4-wire 600 Ohm Analog Lines in increments of four channels. For example, a user could multiplex 20 telephone channels & 8 RS-232 data channels. It supports Telephone channels from 300Hz to 3.4Khz & asynchronous data rates to 19.2 Kbps.

Telephone, Analog & Data Multiplexer (TC8800S/R)

The TC8800 Fiber Optic Multiplexer makes it possible to extend up to 28 telephone, data & analog channels to remote network sites. Its 4-to-28 channel Telephone & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer links or extends data and telephone lines in campus networks.

Data Multiplexer (8-128 ch.) (TC8108)

The TC8108 8-128 Channel RS232, RS422, RS485, TTL & Dry Contact Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer is a cost-effective way to connect large numbers of serial devices. It is a reliable and economical solution for linking large numbers of asynchronous or synchronous printers, terminals & status collecting devices. It provides several key features including field interchangeable interfaces, modular expandability from 8 to 64 channels & power/optical redundancy.

Data Multiplexer (8/16 ch.) (TC8116)

The TC8116 Serial Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer is an inexpensive method to connect asynchronous & synchronous terminals, printers, & status collecting devices. It effectively multiplexes RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 (2 or 4 wire), and Dry Contact Closure interfaces and is available in 8 or 16 channel versions, each with or without Control/Handshaking.

Analog , Intercom & Data Multiplexer (TC8000)

The TC8000 analog multiplexer is a specialized 4-28 channel 2/4-Wire Analog, Audio, Intercom & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer with hot-swappable chassis & high temperature options. Since the TC8000 digitizes the analog and voice signals (PCM), voice quality does not degrade over extended distances. Distances up to 80 km** are typical over single mode fiber, 4 km over multimode fiber.

Data & Ethernet Multiplexer (TC8530)

The TC8530 Ethernet & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer combines Ethernet & Serial Data over a single mode and multimode fiber optic network TC8530. It multiplexes one 10/100M Ethernet and four channels of RS-232, RS-422, TTL or Dry Contact interfaces over single mode and multimode fiber. A "bi-directional 1-fiber" option doubles existing fiber optic cable usage.

End-of-Life Products

RS232 Micro Multiplexer (TC1880)

The pocket-sized 8 channel TC1880 "Micro" RS232 Fiber Optic Multiplexer offers the lowest per-channel cost of any comparable fiber optic mux currently available.

T1 / E1 Multiplexer (1-4 ch.) (TC8300)

The TC8300 1-4 channel T1, E1 Fiber Optic Multiplexer is often used to link PBXs, Channel Banks, Customer Premise Equipment & M13 Muxes to DSX-1 Cross Connects.

Telephone, Ethernet & Data Multiplexer (TC8520)

The TC8520 Ethernet, Phone & Data multiplexer optimizes fiber optic cable usage by multiplexing one 10/100M Ethernet, 4 Telephone and, optionally, 4 channels of serial data over single mode or multimode fiber. A “bi-directional 1-fiber” option doubles existing fiber optic cable usage.