Teleprotection over IP

Power companies rely on a secure and well-performing network to ensure stable, uninterrupted electricity to its customers. Protective relays and critical communication links isolate faults by sending command signals between substations within microseconds of a failure, preventing failure and severe equipment damage.

The JumboSwitch® family was designed to support critical applications like Teleprotection over IP networks.


Teleprotection over IP

Teleprotection channels are required to be fast, reliable, dependable and secure. As legacy infrastructure and substation devices migrate to Ethernet and IP networks, some of the industry’s main concerns are meeting latency requirements and signal dependability.

Teleprotection operation times are required to be between 5 and 15msec to ensure high voltage system faults are cleared within 100msec. Typical processing delay on the JumboSwitch fiber network is 2-5msec end-to-end.

Monitor Latency in Real Time

Communication channel latency can be monitored real-time and traced historically.

  • Allow the protection engineer to calculate latency budget of protection schemes
  • Improve teleprotection performance
  • Use as a diagnostic tool when troubleshooting delays and isolating problems

A History of Helping
Customers Succeed

Texas-New Mexico Power

Texas-New Mexico Power wanted a device that could connect C37.94 to Ethernet and link protective GE L90 and SEL 411L relays over 2/3 networks between substations. Watch the video below to find out how they accomplished that.

Watch the video about the Texas New Mexico Power Teleprotection Project

Tucson Power Successfully Deploys Multiple Teleprotection-over-IP Links

TEP’s teleprotection-over-IP links are based on a multi-service Ethernet platform, the JumboSwitch® from TC Communications, using a special "Turbo Serial" TDM over IP/Ethernet interface card to connect its protective relays

Learn how the Tucson Power Company integrates TDM over IP/Ethernet in Teleprotection

Paraguay Power Company Deploys JumboSwitch

South American Power Utilities have traditionally used SDH/SONET systems for their substation communications networks.

However, when the National Power Company of Paraguay (ANDE) received a budget-busting six-figure price quote for each SDH/SONET node for a proposed substation network expansion and upgrade, they immediately began researching lower cost Ethernet/IP alternatives.

Learn how the National Power Company of Paraguay Cut Costs with JumboSwitch

Hurricane-Proof Jamaican Network

Imagine being asked to "hurricane proof" your entire communication network, particularly your SCADA and Teleprotection networks, in less than a year.

Such was the situation that the management team at Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) faced in early 2007 according to Clive Wright, Manager, Electronic & Communication Systems.

Read the full Case Study

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