Our History

Founded in 1991, TC Communications designs and manufactures Ethernet, voice and data communication products for fiber optic industrial networks

2005 - Calif. Wastewater Plant Upgrades to Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Pleasant Grove Waste Water Treatment Plant in Roseville, CA had a network structure put in place 1999. As they built more applications to monitor the treatment plant, the 10 Mbps Half-Duplex Ethernet Optical Communications Modules needed to be upgraded to TC Communication's TC3820 GigE Long Distance Switches.

2001 - California Water Authority Upgrades Their SCADA Network

CCWA installed Redundant Ring Ethernet Switches by TC Communications. The twenty-two TC3720 switches replaced the existing 28 fiber modems and 9 PremNet nodes. The upgrade provided a minimum of 40MBs of throughput compared to the original 4Mbs. Technicians found installation easy. It was simply unwrapping, placing and configuring.

2000 - Sudbury Hydro in Canada Uses Multi-Drop Modems 100 km Apart

Sudbury Hydro in Ontario, Canada, made plans in 1996 to build a fiber optic communications infrastructure. The goal was twofold: support the utility’s distribution automation program and offer high speed data communications services to local customers. TC Comm provided them with multi-drop fiber optic modems with drop and repeat capability.

2000 - Washington State's DOT Extends Network with Microwaves

Department of Transportation, in Washington state, worked with TC Comm to find an affordable and reliable way to access its Traffic-Cam, Road Weather Information System and Highway Advisory Radio. TC implemented its Fiber Mux and RS-232 Telephone Extender to transmit telephone, video & data across 60 miles of steep mountainous terrain.

1998 - Boston's "Big Dig" Project Uses TC's Fiber Optic Multiplexers

A critical piece of this huge project is a communications network for Third Harbor Tunnel security that operates 24 hours a day to ensure traffic safety and efficiency. TC Comm's TC2800 multiplexers connected the card readers, keypad control units, automatic door latches and various alarms located near controlled entrances to buildings.

1997 - Ohio Utility Network is Aided with Fiber Optic Self Healing Ring

City of Wadsworth's Utility Department commissioned a task force to connect various Remote Terminal Units at eight sites, including five electrical substations, to a SCADA controller in the main distribution center. TC Comm's TC2100 enabled an RTU to receive a polling request via a serial port, recognize its address and then respond back to the Master Unit.

1996 - Canadian Bridge Traffic System Requires a Self-Healing Ring

The Confederation Bridge in Canada needed a communication network to run their very sophisticated Traffic Management System. It was equipped with full video surveillance, emergency call boxes, continuous weather monitoring and changeable message signs. TC Comm's off the shelf TC2800's provided robust and dependable connections for the 27 kilometer network.

1992 - California Hydroelectric Site Opts for New Fiber Optic Solution

The San Luis Dam, in California, needed a fiber optic solution for their control system network. They turned to TC Comm's TC8916 - Broadcast & Receive Device and the TC8116 - Fiber Optic Multiplexer for their compact size, price point, flexibility and reliability. During the transition, the TC's products were compatible with the old as well as with the new equipment.