Application Notes

Application notes are particularly useful for illustrating alternative ideas for network designs. The application notes listed below examine popular Ethernet, voice & data networking solutions.

Extend Phones via Ethernet, RS232 or Fiber Optics

Instantly turn an Ethernet, RS-232 or Fiber Optic circuit into a voice network by simply plugging in an analog telephone is an extremely useful application. Intended to provide flexible point-to-point telephone service in even the harshest of conditions.

JumboSwitch Smart Grid Applications

A smart grid integrates electricity delivery systems with modern interactive digital technology to offer an intelligent, less costly and more reliable delivery of electricity from supplier to consumer.

JumboSwitch Cellular Backhaul Applications

The need for more bandwidth efficiency is most noticeable in mobile backhaul applications. Changing cell phone habits and the emergence of 3G and 4G technologies have triggered an exponential increase in data content for mobility backhaul. This has created an ongoing need to add more transmission capacity.

Transportation & ITS Applications

A heavy rail system is an electric railway with the capacity to handle a heavy volume of traffic compared to a “light rail” system. Critical applications for heavy rail systems include: voice, video, data, and real time information between Network.