Case Studies

With an unusually diverse selection of more than 60 Ethernet and fiber optic communications products, TC Communications offers a wide variety of networking solutions. Solutions apply to all types of interfaces and networks including Industrial, Enterprise, Campus, LAN, MAN and WAN.

Leased Line Replacement Solution Preserves Legacy Equipment for Northern California County Voted Radio Network

A Northern California County needed to find a solution as soon as they knew Telcos were beginning to phase out analog leased lines. A self healing ring network also needed to be established to prevent loss of communications between sites. Satisfied with TC Communications’ completion of a previous project, the Northern California County decided again to seek out TC’s products and solutions.

Public Safety Network Chooses Telco T1 Lines To Replace 4-wire Analog Leased Lines

A town in New England needed to upgrade their emergency communications system. Critical communications faced disruptions when the town's leased lines provider was set to discontinue FDDA 4-wire analog lines. Alternatively the provider offered T1 or Switched Ethernet services to keep emergency services in operation. The town began their search for an economical solution to carry their network for years to come.

Emergency Radio Network Replaces Copper Leased Lines With Radio Over IP

East Shore Radio Network (ESRN) near Chicago, Illinois needed a replacement solution for its TELCO leased lines as costs had reached $85,000 per year and continued to increase. Support for the leased copper circuits had dwindled due to telephone company phase outs of the difficult to maintain lines.

Tucson Power Successfully Deploys Multiple Teleprotection-over-IP Links

As Power Utilities continue to integrate legacy applications into their Ethernet/IP substation communication backbone networks, they are increasingly using TDM over IP/Ethernet instead of traditional TDM-based solutions for latency sensitive applications such as teleprotection. TDM over IP/Ethernet is a reliable, proven solution for teleprotection communications that produces deterministic results.

Troy University Extends Ethernet Over DS3

Troy University turned to the JumboSwitch product for two reasons: to find a more efficient way to extend the Ethernet switch fabric through the microwave links and deploy rugged, industrial grade hardware to withstand potential harsh environmental conditions at some microwave sites.

California’s MetroLink Upgrades with JumboSwitch

As part of its Services Expansion Project, the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink) needed to upgrade its communications and signaling network to meet the demands of increased ridership.

Power Utility Consolidates Core Applications with JumboSwitch

A Midwest Power Utility needed to upgrade its communications network to transport various data and voice core substation applications to remote sites. It also wanted to consolidate AMR, teleprotection and telecommunication applications onto one common IP platform with transparent “on and off ramps.”

Police Use Voice & Data Platform for Radio System

A Midwest communications company specializing in 2-way Radio Systems needed to create a communications link to transport Ethernet, Analog and Dry Contact Channels between a county dispatch center and a police department radio control center.

Rugged JumboSwitches for DOT Traffic Network Hubs

The DOT chose the JumboSwitch Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Modular Switch from TC Communications because it offered modularity, expandability and telephony on a single industrial grade Ethernet/IP platform.

TC Communications Hurricane-Proofs Jamaica's Network

Jumboswitch provided Jamaica with a redundant high-speed communications network that would ensure 100% SCADA visibility into all 69kV and 138kV substations and provisioned redundant teleprotection communications.
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