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4W E&M Analog, Audio & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer (4-28 ch)

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This analog multiplexer is a specialized 4-28 channel 2/4-Wire Analog, Audio, Intercom & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer with hot-swappable chassis & high temperature options.

  • Up to 28 Channels of 2/4-wire Analog, Intercom and/or RS-232, RS-422, TTL Dry Contact Detectors & Closures
  • Voice Bandwidths from 300Hz to 3.4Khz
  • Multimode (850/1300nm) or Single Mode (1300/1550nm)
  • Built-In Power Redundancy
  • Optical Redundancy (optional)
  • Rackmount or Standalone
  • Hardened Temperature Version (optional)

Since the TC8000 digitizes the analog and voice signals (PCM), voice quality does not degrade over extended distances. Distances up to 80 km** are typical over single mode fiber, 4 km over multimode fiber.


The TC8000 is frequently used to link voice communications devices in telecommunications and SCADA environments. It is also used in harsh environments where ground loops, EMI/RFI interference and lightning conditions may occur.

4W E&M Analog, Audio & Data Fiber Optic Mux Application Using Voter and Radio
4W E&M Analog, Audio & Data Fiber Optic Mux in a voted radio application
TC8000 - analog multiplexer Analog, Intercom & Data Multiplexer
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Audio Bandwidth
  1. Analog300Hz to 3.4KHz
  2. Intercom300Hz to 3.4KHz
Signal Level
  1. Input Range-1.5 to -40dBm
  2. SNR32 to 36dB
Data Interfaces
  1. Async RS-232, RS-422, TTL, or Dry Contact Closure/Detector Data RatesUp to 19.2 Kbps
Channel Capacity
  1. Standalone Unit4 or 8 Channels
  2. Rack Mount Unit4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 Channels
  1. TransmitterLED/ELED
  2. ReceiverPIN Diode
  3. Wavelength850/1300nm MM, 1300/1550nm SM
  4. Fiber Optic ConnectorsST, FC
  5. Loss Budget * - 850/1300/1550nm
  6. Multimode @ 62.5/125µm15dB
  7. Single Mode @ 9/125µm20dB
  1. ConnectorRJ11 Female
  2. Max Analog Input3Vp-p
  3. Analog Interface (2 or 4-wire)600 Ohm Isolated Transformer
  4. Intercom InterfaceCapacitor Coupled
  1. Bit Error Rate1 in 109 or better
Visual Indicators
  1. Power A, Power B, Alarm, Vcc,Volume, RxA, RxB, Sync, FSR 
  1. Standard12VDC@300mA (per board)
  2. Optional24, -48, 125VDC, or 115/230VAC with power cube
  1. Operating-10°C to 50°C
  2. Hi-Temp (optional)-20°C to 70°C
  3. Storage-40°C to 90°C
  4. Humidity95% non-condensing
Physical (4-Channel Standalone)
  1. Height(3.53 cm) 1.39"
  2. Width(18.13 cm) 7.14"
  3. Depth(24.89 cm) 9.80"
  4. Weight(907 gm) 2.0 lbs
* Contact factory for higher requirements


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