Made in the USA

25+ Years of Manufacturing Quality Products in the USA

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

TC Communications has been designing and manufacturing products in Irvine, CA, USA since 1991. This is a commitment to quality and customer service that is optimally achieved through close communications and key operations in one location. Instant feedback is key to understanding the market, responding to customer needs, and reacting to necessary design changes and updates.

Our first priority in every decision we make is Quality. This mindset flows throughout the company to our engineering, products, manufacturing, sales and support.

In-house Design

In product design, our Engineers are constantly receiving firsthand information from the Sales, Marketing, and Support teams to instantly reflect market needs and understand customer pain points. Products are designed in-house to fully control and understand our products. Engineers can react quickly to manufacturing concerns, incorporate market trends and monitor feedback.

Manufacturing On Site

The biggest impact to having manufacturing on-site is reaction time. Engineering can instantly test out product changes, Support can immediately check on customer concerns, and Sales can quickly respond to emergency customer needs when situations suddenly need attention or solutions.

Service Like No Other

It is important for our well-trained Support staff to have the company at its fingertips. Support must work closely with Sales to fully understand customer needs and history. The Support team is also fully backed by the Engineering team. When in-depth questions or issues arise, we can still provide answers and solutions because our Engineers designed the product.

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