About TC Communications

Our mission is to design and manufacture the most reliable and efficient products for critical communications needs.

Our commitment to quality and service

Keeping it made in the USA

TC Communications has been designing and manufacturing products in Irvine, CA, USA since 1991. This is a commitment to quality and customer service that is optimally achieved through close communications and key operations in one location. Instant feedback is key to understanding the market, responding to customer needs, and reacting to necessary design changes and updates.

Our first priority in every decision we make is Quality. This mindset flows throughout the company to our engineering, products, manufacturing, sales and support.

Manufacturing on site

TC Communications products and people have achieved a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness that has been built on the foundation of our core values. Our customers have installed more than 250,000 products worldwide to provide secure, reliable and scalable solutions for critical communications industries.

The TC Communications assembly line, located in Irvine CA, builds to order. Orders typically ship within 2 to 3 weeks but can also accommodate rush needs, shipping within 3-5 days after receiving the order

Every product undergoes component inspections, preliminary power-up tests, functional tests, a comprehensive final inspection and “live operating temperature” test in a walk-in environmental chamber for 24 hours before shipping to you.

In-house design

In product design, our Engineers are constantly receiving firsthand information from the Sales, Marketing, and Support teams to quickly reflect market needs and understand customer pain points. Products are designed in-house to fully control and understand our products. Engineers can react quickly to manufacturing concerns, incorporate market trends and monitor feedback.

Customer Success: Your partner in business

It takes many parties to succeed. TC Communications understands that its customers, vendors, and own employees rely on each other for success and longevity. Our culture of employee teamwork resonates in our sales, engineering, production and accounting departments who work together cooperatively to meet our customers’ needs.

Our engineering and sales teams review every project carefully for feasibility and risk mitigation. There are often many ways to solve a problem. It is important that we provide not only a working solution, but one that is most appropriate and reliable for your needs. We work side by side with you throughout the project life cycle to ensure a successful deployment.

Our history

Since 1991, TC Communications has designed and manufactured industry focused communications products in Power, Public Safety, Rail, Military, Aviation, and Oil & Gas. See a few of our notable projects.

Why choose us

Choosing the right product for your communication network is important, but choosing the right company is even more critical. TC Communications takes pride in being that "right" company.

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