The finishing piece to our migration portfolio

A quick solution for channel bank obsolescence. For networks looking to quickly replace their channel banks with a similar solution, JumboBank draws from the industry leading JumboSwitch and helps utilities take a more cautious migration approach by updating just the communications component in their network and preserving their DS0 devices and T1 backhaul.

A channel bank for today and tomorrow

interface cards

  • RS232 Sync/Async
  • RS422 Async
  • 4-wire E&M
  • FXS or FXO
  • C37.94

Up to 8x T1 lines
with redundancy

Two card slots for a Primary and Secondary T1 module

power supplies

  • 12 VDC
  • 24 VDC
  • -48 VDC
  • 125 VDC
  • 115 VAC

Cascade units to a third location

The application shows 4 cards (2x 4W E&M, FXS and Serial) at the central site connecting to 3 remote locations. Substation B and Substation C are connected using a single T1 line from the Central Site to Substation B. The Central Site communicates with Substation C through the cascaded connection at Substation B.

Cascade units to a thrid location

Combine interface cards over a single T1

There are 8 slots for interface cards on the 5U chassis. These can be combined to transport multiple cards over one T1 line. The application below shows 8 cards at the Central Site. 4 of these cards are combined (2x serial RS232 cards, 1x 4W E&M card and 1x FXO card) making up 16 channels going from the Central Site to Substation D over a single T1 line.

Combined interfaces over T1
JumboBank configuration rotary switch control

Configured using a
rotary switch

Combining cards, assigning T1 lines, setting up interface cards, all configurations are done with this rotary switch.

JumboBank was designed to have no software for a more stable and reliable product lifespan. It also helps that users don’t have to hassle with firmware updates or worry about cybersecurity issues.

Portal to your remote device

Just like its low-density cousin the Mini Channel Bank, the JumboBank is also equipped with an R2 button.

The Reset*Reset (R2) button quickly identifies T1/E1 disruptions on local or remote units. Corresponding alarm and remote LEDs communicate any signal disruptions between systems. Also, when errors are resolved there is no need to drive to a remote site to obtain or reset the status of such device when it can be done from the local unit.

JumboBank R2 button



5U Chassis Front View

JumboBank 5U front view


5U Chassis Rear View

JumboBank 5U rear view


1U Chassis Front View

JumboBank 1U front view


1U Chassis Rear View

JumboBank 1U rear view