Multiplexers T1/E1

Transporting 600ohm Analog or Serial over T1/E1

8 or 16 Ch 600 Ohm Analog & Dry Contact-over-T1/E1 Multiplexer (TC8624)

The TC8624 is part of the Mini Channel Bank series of products from TC Communications. As with all products in the series, the TC8624 is designed to be simple yet robust.

TC8624 is available in three configurations, each one contains 8 channel dry contact closure detectors (TC8624R-1), or 8 channel dry contact relays (TC8624R-2):

  • 8-channel 4-wire analog
  • 8-channel 2-wire analog
  • 4-channel 4-wire analog and 4-channel 2-wire analog

C37.94-Over-T1/E1 Multiplexer (TC8616)

The TC8616 is a one or two channel C37.94-over-T1/E1 multiplexer. For T1 Channel 1 supports N=1 to 12 and Channel 2 support N=1 to 8. For E1 both channels support N=1 to 12. This allows network managers the flexibility to leverage existing T1/E1 circuits by adding teleprotection relays. It is economical, simple to install and comes standard with built-in power redundancy.

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