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Solutions for Leased Line Replacement

  • Via IP or MPLS
  • Via T1 or E1
  • Via Fiber
  • Via Microwave

Analog Radio Over IP: East Shore Radio Network Project

Where TC Specializes

  • Transport digitized analog signals via IP, T1/E1, fiber, or microwave.
  • Achieve full 64kbit bandwidth with zero voice compression.
  • Preserve pilot tone or guide tone with fidelity.
  • Deliver superior voice quality via analog versus traditional copper wire.
  • Substitute for a variety of component applications:

Radio Tie Lines

VF (Voice Frequency)



Analog circuits


Dedicated Line

FSK circuits


Private Line


Bell 3002


Analog 4W E&M


Extensive Industry Applications

Analog Radio over IP/MPLS

  • Radio over IP/MPLS devices empower emergency dispatch centers to communicate with remote radio transmitters and receivers.

  • Two-way radio systems can link to a voter at radio control centers that provide Ethernet, analog, and dry contact using only one chassis.

  • Existing copper and leased lines can be replaced with fiber optic connect-able devices to guarantee channel clarity, extend transmission distances or prevent signal loss.

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Customer Success Stories

ESRN Eliminates Leased Line Costs

Voice, Analog and Data over Fiber

  • Replace expensive leased line phone circuits and deliver clean, consistent audio quality using fiber optic cable.

  • Supports voice bandwidth from 300Hz to 3.4KH and hot-swappable interface cards, along with fiber optic and power redundancy. Extreme temperature versions can also be used.

  • With zero line losses and simplified level settings, the multiplexer remains precise thanks to internally redundant transmit and receive functions. Optional fiber redundancy and path diversity keep the radio system protected from an outage due to individual component failure.

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Customer Success Stories

Replacing 4-wire Analog Leased Lines with Telco T1

Emergency Phone Line Connection

  • Public safety networks often need the ability to connect to a central security office, TC Communications offers a variety of reliable, tested solutions.

  • VoIP virtual PBX, fiber optic phone extenders, analog multiplexers, or telephone multiplexers can be supported with TC equipment.

  • Products support multimode or single mode fiber optic cable. Networks can also utilize existing copper cable for Ethernet products.

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Customer Successes

ESRN Eliminates Leased Line Costs

For East Shore Radio Network (ESRN), implementing a cost-effective and future-proof solution to eliminate their leased line costs was critical. TC Communications helped the company to fully integrate existing equipment while improving audio quality.

Watch the video about the East Shore Radio Project

Learn about Radio Over IP as a leased line alternative

Law Enforcement Leverages Voice & Data Platform for Radio Dispatch

A Midwest communications company specializing in 2-way Radio Systems needed to create a communications link to transport Ethernet, Analog and Dry Contact Channels between a county dispatch center and a police department radio control center. The goal was to find a managed, all-in-one-box Ethernet network solution that was both reliable and cost efficient.

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Multi-County Public Safety Agency Upgrades Microwave Radio Network

Faced with falling equipment reliability and weak vendor support, a public safety communications network in Iowa required a system-wide replacement to keep police, fire and emergency first-responders connected. Using TC Communications’ JumboSwitch® Multi-service Ethernet Platform, the agency achieved Ethernet port limiting, management and self-healing redundancy, and improved audio quality and network management.

Video: Leased Line Replacement and Legacy Preservation - Case Study

Learn about the public safety radio system

In Their Words

“We were prepared to deal with some problems during the installation...and we did have a few...but the issues were with the existing equipment and weren't related to the JumboSwitch. It is very adaptable to other equipment in the network and all counties are pleased with the system’s service and reliability.”
- Tony Carpenter, Vice President at Calhoun Communications
See the full case
“TC did a great job taking something that may have been a little bit over the threshold but still being able to process it and not dropping packets, not having the buffer under runs.”
- Tom Blumenshine, President of Entre Solutions II
Watch the full case
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