Mini Channel Bank

T1 Multiplexer Series

The Mini Channel Bank series is a collection of T1 multiplexers that install without the cumbersome set up of a traditional channel bank. Interfaces include RS-232, RS-422, Dry Contact, C37.94, 600 ohm analog, and FXS, FXO. With plug and play simplicity these devices install in 2 steps.


The Mini Channel Bank series is a TDM based multiplexer with a T1 or E1 uplink. Mini refers to the device's plug and play simplicity. Plug in a T1 or E1 line, then plug in the legacy signals from the termination device and your network is ready to go.

Traditional channel banks were developed to efficiently manage and utilize all DS0 channels on T1 or E1 lines. Installation and maintenance for traditional channel banks require an experienced technician. As Telco's prepare to phase out dedicated leased lines, they increase costs or eliminate them altogether. As an alternative, some Telco's are dropping costs of T1 lines and offering them to users who want to preserve equipment and keep the reliability of a TDM connection.

Product Design

The Mini Channel Bank series is designed for networks that want to preserve equipment and network reliability. Where a traditional channel bank might be overkill, this plug and play solution could be the right fit.

Plug and playPlug and play
R2 ButtonR2 button
Uses 6 DS0 per uplinkUses 6 DS0 per uplink

Users can quickly identify issues in a T1 or E1 network with the R2 button feature on the Mini Channel Bank series. The R2 button, which stands for Reset*Reset, is a multi-function button used to track any outages that occur on T1 or E1 lines.

R2 makes it simple for the user to isolate and diagnose problems on local and remote units. Each Mini Channel Bank device is equipped with the R2 button. Corresponding Alarm and Remote LEDs communicate any disruptions between systems. The LEDs not only show current disruptions but also show a history of up to 3 disruptions.

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