Mini Channel Bank

T1/E1 Multiplexer Series

A plug and play solution for replacing Analog and other DS0 Leased Lines

A smart alternative to traditional channel banks

As telecommunication companies phase out dedicated leased lines and migrate their networks to IP, many existing infrastructures continue to leverage T1 connections for their reliability.

TC Communications’ Mini Channel Bank series enables you to preserve valuable network equipment and maintain network reliability. These proven T1 multiplexers make transporting interfaces over T1 or E1 simple and easy. Avoid the cumbersome setup of a traditional channel bank, reset units remotely using the unique R2 Button, and leverage your current T1 connections to maximize efficiency.

Designed for simplicity and reliability

Unique Features

Plug & Play

Plug & Play simplicity

Traditional channel banks require an experienced technician for installation and maintenance. The Mini Channel Bank series is a TDM based multiplexer with plug-and-play simplicity. Just plug in a T1 or E1 line, then plug in the legacy signals from the termination device and your network is ready to go!

R2 button

R2 Feature

The Reset*Reset (R2) button quickly identifies T1/E1 disruptions on local or remote Mini Channel Bank units. Corresponding alarm and remote LEDs communicate any signal disruptions between systems. Also, when errors are resolved there is no need to drive to a remote site to obtain or reset the status of such device when it can be done from the local unit.

6 DS0 per uplink

Why T1?

Network managers are choosing T1 for a variety of reasons. In some cases, Ethernet is not available in remote locations, or T1 is a cheaper option provided by Telcos. Other network managers are choosing to leverage existing T1 lines for its security and reliability as a solid and mature technology for their critical networks.

Industry Applications


Point to Point over Telco T1

Point to Point over Telco T1

For applications with a few channels (1-4) point to point, use the standalone box. In this example, the utility needed to run two RS-232 connections over a T1 line for teleprotection.

Home run from two remote sites

Home run from two remote sites

Fit 2 cards in a 1U rackmount chassis and connect each card to a separate remote site. In this example, radio receivers at 2 remote sites are connected over T1 lines to Central Dispatch.

Daisy-chain to conserve T1 lines

Daisy-chain to conserve T1 lines

Use a single T1 line to reach 2 remote locations in a daisy chain to conserve T1 lines. In this example, location C uses the connection from A to B to save on T1 line mileage.

Industry Cases

Replace Telco Analog Leased Lines with T1 lines

Public Safety Network Chooses Telco T1 Lines To Replace 4-wire Analog Leased Lines

Utility Isolates Substations from the MPLS network

A utility company transitioned their network to IP but faced rigorous security demands at the substations. Using the TC8610 they isolated substations on a T1 network.

Other applications include:

  • Telco replacing DS0 circuits with T1
  • Teleprotection
  • Hoot n Holler

Physical Dimensions

Stand Alone Chassis

1U Rackmount Chassis