Case Studies:

Rugged JumboSwitches for DOT Traffic Network Hubs


A large western state Department of Transportation (DOT) wanted to build out six new Hub sites to transport services over its highway communications networks. Specifically, it planned to connect Serial and Ethernet Signaling/Control devices, IP cameras and maintenance telephones back to the Central Office.

It was currently using standard Ethernet copper switches for many of its hub links, but they wanted to modernize their network for future expansion and explore options that didn’t require media converters.

In particular, they wanted to take a closer look at ruggedized Ethernet switches with more modularity and scalability. Modularity and scalability was an important issue because they anticipated adding more IP services including IP Video, Traffic Control & Signaling and IP Telephony.


The DOT chose the JumboSwitch Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Modular Switch from TC Communications because it offered modularity, expandability and telephony on a single industrial grade Ethernet/IP platform. The JumboSwitches will form a backbone for the new Hub sites and also communicate to existing Layer 2 Ethernet switches at the Traffic Management Center.

Several vendor Ethernet Switches offered many pieces of this network convergence, but most came up short when it came to voice and/or modular interface card flexibility. Only the JumboSwitch from TC Communications gave the DOT all of the interfaces, including voice, they were looking for in one Ethernet/IP chassis.

The JumboSwitch offered modular interface cards with four chassis options, 12 different interfaces (including up to 42 Ethernet Switch ports) with up to 7 card slots for expansion, and a VoIP virtual PBX card for a complete telephony solution.

The JumboSwitch even added extra benefits such as hot-swappable and self-configuring interface cards. JumboSwitch interface cards can be replaced during operation (hot-swappable) and all configuration parameters for Ethernet cards are automatically downloaded to prevent re-configuration errors and minimize service outage.

The DOT opted for three 4U JumboSwitch units with four 6-port Ethernet Cards and one VoIP card (see diagram above). Three cards connected to 18 different Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices and one card provided three 1000Base-LX links to ITS cabinets with IP Video Encoders and RS232 Traffic Controllers.