Application Notes:

Extend Phones via Ethernet, RS232 or Fiber Optics


Instantly turn an Ethernet, RS-232 or Fiber Optic circuit into a voice network by simply plugging in an analog telephone is an extremely useful application. Intended to provide flexible point-to-point telephone service in even the harshest of conditions, these products are often used by maintenance or service personnel in Campus, Traffic Control, or Utility Substation Networks to insure high quality, dependable phone service.


  • Setting up hot links via fiber optic networks
  • Establishing phone service where cell or landline service doesn't exist
  • Extending emergency phone service to remote sites in campus networks
  • Providing voice communications for a pushbutton phone and also passing through a dry contact signal to close a remote relay or activate a camera.
  • Using the inherent benefits of fiber optics to maximize security, improve voice quality and eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Application Diagrams

TC1910 - Extending Telephone Service


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