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03/19/2009 - Six Fiber Optic Ethernet & Voice Products Certified Code Blue Emergency Phone Compatible

TC Communications has certified six of its VoIP, Ethernet and fiber optic voice products as compatible with InterAct™ 500 and Series Emergency Phones manufactured by Code Blue® Corporation.

The TC Communications VoIP+ Virtual PBX (TC3848), Phone Extenders (TC1901/03/10) and Phone Multiplexers (TC8520/8800) are used to connect emergency phones back to a central/control security center over multimode or single mode fiber optic cable or, optionally, copper cable for Ethernet products.

Using fiber optic cable offers advantages over copper or wireless in many situations. For example, it insures channel clarity, enables long transmission distances and prevents any signal loss due to degradation of traditional copper phone lines.

An out-of-box solution, these voice products also offer additional benefits such as optional Conformal Coating for units located in Code Blue® pedestals enabling immunity to hazardous, dusty or humid environments and several offer dry contacts (closures/detectors) to activate security cameras.

TC Communication’s testing procedures included connecting PBX/Key System 2-wire analog extensions to the FXO side of the units. Code Blue® InterActTM 500 and 3100 Series phones were connected to the FXS side. Test calls were then performed in both directions. All units were tested over multimode and single mode fiber optic cable, and VoIP and Ethernet products were also tested over an Ethernet cable.

The following TC Communications products have been certified as Code Blue compatible by TC Communications:

Code Blue® emergency phones are installed anywhere there is a concern for pedestrian and public safety such as college campuses, parking areas, malls & parks.

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