Voice Over IP

You get a complete telephony solution with the VoIP Virtual PBX. Available industrial hardened, it connects PBX ports to remote analog phones over a JumboSwitch IP backbone and replaces PBX’s as a distributed, hardened and full-featured PBX for industrial network applications.

The JumboSwitch offers a unique VoIP package, VoIP+, that enables all VoIP phones (up to 100) to work the same as extension lines connected to a virtual PABX. VoIP+ provides basic and reliable call processing functions without the need of additional Call Managers or SIP Servers.

The TC3848 VoIP+ is ideal for creating phone solutions for private LANs in harsh environments. It seamlessly integrates reliable phone service and comprehensive call processing features without having to use PBXs. It is the first industrial grade VoIP Virtual PBX product in the industry.


Management is both simple and comprehensive and can be accessed via a web browser, Telnet, or SNMP. Password protection prevents unauthorized phone service use. Diagnostic LEDs include power, Ethernet status, and Ring and Hook status.

The TC3848 has a built-in address book that allows it to operate as a fully functioning and independent telephony system for up to 100 phone numbers, without the need of an additional SIP server or Call Manager. It also supports SIP protocols with an external SIP server. With its straightforward FXS and FXO port connectivity, it is possible to gracefully extend PSTN service from a single node to a number of remote locations. This eliminates the need for excessive PSTN lines and even the PBX itself!

Additional Applications

Cellular Backhaul

Backhaul, the transport of voice, video and data between the cell site and the carriers' Mobile Switching Center (MSC), is increasingly relying on fiber optic networks to handle the bandwidth necessary to support 3G/4G wireless and escalating mobile data and voice services (email, internet, video, etc.).

You can get 2 different solutions from TC Communications: a cost efficient 24-channel T1/E1 & Ethernet Multiplexer or a more comprehensive JumboSwitch T1/E1-over-Ethernet/IP Gateway.

With its Gigabit Ethernet and TDM over IP/Ethernet capabilities, the JumboSwitch provides a future-proof solution for helping Service Providers to deliver end-to-end Ethernet and/or T1/E1 from cell sites to the MSC.

The JumboSwitch also provides Service Providers with several additional benefits such as optical and power redundancy, multiple power options, economical housing options and an industrial grade version that can confidently be used in the harshest of environments.

Because of its versatility, the JumboSwitch can be used to connect cell sites in a variety of configurations and topologies, including:

Versatile Connectivity

Linking voice devices over T1/E1 & T3/E3 circuits is a common but important application. With TC Communications a wide variety of connectivity options become available such as:.

Application Diagrams

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