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T3 / E3 Fiber Optic Modem (Rackmount & Standalone)


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Featuring built-in self/link testing, the TC1680 T3/E3 Fiber Modem provides a high speed point-to-point data link between two DS3 or G.703 conforming devices.

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  • Distances up to 100km
  • Built-in Self Test & Link Test
  • Hardened Temperature Version (optional)
  • Multimode or Single Mode (1300/1550nm)
  • Two-way Single Fiber Communication (optional)
  • Power Redundancy (standard)
  • Optical Redundancy (optional)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Local & Remote Loopback
  • Conforms to Applicable Standards (ANSI T1.102-1993, TR-TSY-000499, CCITT)


The TC1680 is ideal for most T3/E3 connectivity applications up to distances of 100km. Typical applications include replacing coaxial cable with fiber, extending the point of presence from Telco demarcation points and ATM nodes, transmitting digitized video or linking T3/E3 multiplexers.
TC1680 - T3/E3 Fiber Optic Modem
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Data Rates
  1. T344.736 Mbps
  2. E334.368 Mbps
  1. TransmitterELED/LASER*
  2. ReceiverPIN Diode
  3. Wavelength1300nm MM, 1300nm/1550nm SM
  4. Fiber Optic ConnectorsST, Optional FC
  5. Loss Budgets * - 1300/1550nm
  6. Multimode @62.5/125µm15dB
  7. Single Mode @9/125µm20dB
  1. ConnectorBNC Female
  2. InterfaceT3 or E3 (G.703)
  3. T3 Line CodeB3ZS
  4. E3 Line CodeHDB3
  5. T3 Pulse CodeAMI
  6. Impedance75 Ohm
  1. Bit Error Rate1 in 1010 or Better
Diagnostic Functions
  1. Local & Remote LoopbackYes
  2. Signal Generator, Disable AlarmYes
Visual Indicators
  1. System StatusPWR A, PWR B, Vcc, ALARM
  2. T3/E3 Signal StatusCV, SIGLOS
  3. Optic Signal StatusVLIN, RxA, RxB, USE-A, USE-B
  4. Diagnostic StatusRMTLB, LOCLB, SIG GEN, DISALM
  1. Dry ContactNormal OPEN
  2. Switching Voltage200Vdc, Max
  3. Switching Current0.5A, Max
  4. Switching Power10W, Max
  1. Standard12VDC@300mA
  2. Optional24VDC, -48VDC, or 115/230VAC with Power Cube
  1. Operating-10°C to 50°C
  2. Hi-Temp (optional)-20°C to 70°C
  3. Storage-40°C to 90°C
  4. Humidity95% non-condensing
Physical (Standalone Unit)
  1. Height(3.53 cm) 1.39"
  2. Width(18.13 cm) 7.14"
  3. Depth(24.89 cm) 9.80"
  4. Weight(907 gm) 2.0 lbs
* Contact factory for higher requirements


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