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08/06/2018 - Analog and Dry Contact over IP Gateway Product Update Lets User Control Port Bandwidth

Analog and Dry Contact over IP Gateway

TC3846-6 Analog and Dry Contact over IP gateway received a comprehensive upgrade with new hardware and firmware features that align to Telco bandwidth requirements and network security protocol.

A new low-bandwidth mode is included with the new features to meet more stringent ISP requirements. Enabling this feature will reduce the voice channel from 2 DS0s to 1 DS0, which will reduce the overall Ethernet bandwidth used per port. By removing some diagnostic features, such as latency monitoring, and slightly reducing audio quality users still have uncompressed audio including guard and pilot tones. This maintains compatibility with popular voting comparators while operating at a decreased bandwidth. Each port’s bandwidth is controlled by the user who can increase or decrease speed at any time based on network and Telco requirements.

To meet IT/OT security requirements the TC3846-6 is compliant with NERC CIP. In addition to the already robust features the device will include Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA), RADIUS and TACACS+ support, SSHv2, HTTPS, SNMPv3, Access Control Lists (ACL), and NTP Authentication.

Statewide emergency services and utilities have successfully installed the new TC3846-6 IP gateway device for 4-wire analog leased line replacement, multi-service Ethernet, and Teleprotection applications.

TC Communications specializes in TDM over IP network solutions. In business for over 25 years, TC has installed applications in utility, public safety, oil, gas, and military networks worldwide. Engineering, manufacturing, and support are all located in Irvine, California, USA.

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