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11/19/2009 - Analog+Dry Contact IP Gateway Industrial Ethernet Switch Interface Card

A new IP Gateway that extends 600Ω analog connections and dry contacts across Layer 2/3 Ethernet networks has been added to the TC Communication's JumboSwitch­ Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Modular Switch product family.

Featuring extremely low latency, the TC3846-6-2 (2 wire) and TC3846-6-4(4 wire) Analog/Dry Contact IP Gateway provides 4 channels of 2/4 Wire Analog and 4 channels of Dry Contact. It supports frequencies from 300Hz to 3.4KH and offers VLAN and QoS for reliable communications and packet prioritization.

Typical applications include linking or extending various analog, audio and intercom devices, (e.g. Frequency Shift Keying [FSK] modems), E&M, teleprotection relay controllers, and dry contacts over Layer 2/3 IP networks. It is also used to improve voice quality and increase system reliability in harsh environments, to replace unreliable leased phone circuits and to stabilize voice level settings for 600Ω audio channels.

The TC3846-6 offers an industrial hardened version (-40°C to +80°C) and meets or exceeds all pertinent industry and environmental standards including IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 & NEMA TS-2. Additional features include Remote Firmware Upgrade; Temperature and Power Consumption Monitoring; Traffic Monitoring; Statistics Reporting; and, a Network Time Server (NTS).

The TC3846-6 is available as an interface card for any JumboSwitch­ Industrial Gigabit Modular Ethernet Switch chassis option. Other available JumboSwitch interface cards include VoIP, T1/E1-over-IP, G.703/64K-over-IP, Serial Data-over-IP, Gigabit Copper Ethernet and SFP Copper/Fiber Gigabit Ethernet.

The JumboSwitch­ offers all popular features and capabilities of standard Industrial Switches, but differs in that it integrates Ethernet/IP, VoIP and TDM over IP/Ethernet over a redundant Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic backbone. Featuring hot-swappable universal interface card slots, the JumboSwitch­ offers the largest selection of Ethernet and legacy interfaces currently available including Voice, Analog, Audio, Intercom, Dry Contact, T1/E1 with near Stratum II clock precision; and, serial data with delay-sensitive teleprotection options.

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