Fiber Optic Promotion:

SONET / SDH / PDH Migration to Ethernet / IP

7/22/2010 - The JumboSwitch Industrial modular GigE platform blends legacy and Ethernet/IP interfaces and runs over all existing infrastructure including fiber, T1/E1, T3/E3, SONET/SDH & microwave. A cost-effective migration to Smart Grid Architecture, the JumboSwitch offers:

Utility Applications (Teleprotection, SCADA, Video, Voice & Data):

Zero Down-time Recovery for Teleprotection
By sending teleprotection frames in both directions around the ring, the JumboSwitch supports hitless recovery for demanding teleprotection applications.

Threshold Alarms to Prevent Failures
The JumboSwitch enables you to set thresholds and monitor all its key parameters including temperature, transmit/receive power, and power consumption to prevent catastrophic failures.

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