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TC sends out an “application-of-the month” email blast that illustrates particularly effective or efficient connectivity solutions for Ethernet, Voice & Data networks. Below is a list of applications from recent email blasts.

IP Solutions for Your Rail Communication Networks

TC3847-1 Serial Device Server card will be featured at RSSI 2012 Exhibition. It Supports MicroLok®* Genisys, Modbus, DNP 3 serial protocols and meets or exceeds IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 & NEMA TS-2 standards.

Din Rail Industrial Ethernet Switch

The Industrial Ethernet Switch by TC Communications is rugged and reliable for the SCADA, Utilities and Power Industry. It features Built-In Power & Temperature Monitoring and Hardened Temperature Options: Hi-Temp (-20ºC to 70ºC) & Extreme-Temp (-40ºC to 80ºC).

Analog over IP Gateway for RoIP

The TC3846-6 works well with: Public Safety for police and fire dispatch), Public Utility and Industrial/Harsh Environments (railroad, mining, offshore). Compatible with popular “Voter Comparators” including the Raytheon SNV-12.

Emergency Phone Line Bridge

The TC8938 Phone Line Bridge is ideal for, Crash Phone Campus Security, Crash Phone On Premise Conference Calls, Crash Phone Airports ("Crash Phone System") and Crash Phone Government Municipalities.

Learn How Metrolink Simplified Its CTC Network

Come by the Innovations Theater room at 3pm Monday, September 19 and see how Southern California’s Metrolink deployed a multi-service gigabit Ethernet backbone to connect Control Points & CTC equipment in its “last mile” field network segments.

Analog to Ethernet for Radio over IP Application

TC Communications' TC3846-6 Analog-over-IP Gateway for RoIP Robust Radio-over-IP Communications. Applications Include: Public Safety (police/fire dispatch), Public Utility, and Industrial/Harsh Environments (railroad, mining).

Maximize Teleprotection Network Reliability

Power Utilities are tending to IEEE C37.94 compliant fiber solutions for Teleprotection communications. Find out how the JumboSwitch C37.94-over-IP Gateway will make your substation environment more reliable & secure.

Add Ethernet / IP Services Over PDH

Why not use existing T1 / E1 & T3 /E3 infrastructure to expand your Ethernet network? The JumboSwitch, model TC3844 makes it quick, simple & economical. Benefits include, minimizing network expansion costs, quick Ethernet services, Leveraging on existing infrastructure and supports gradual migration to Ethernet.

SONET / SDH / PDH Migration to Ethernet / IP

The JumboSwitch Industrial modular GigE platform blends legacy and Ethernet/IP interfaces and runs over all existing infrastructure including fiber, T1/E1, T3/E3, SONET/SDH & microwave. Application include: Traffic Control, Teleprotection, SCADA, Access Control, Video Surveillance & IP Telephony.

Communications Backbone for Positive Train Control

JumboSwitches can handle Multi-Service networks to handle ticket vending machines, IP cameras & other wayside PTC equipment, telephones, public address systems and vital logic controllers. Positive Train Control use redundant rings, long haul fiber, centralized network management and NERC CIP security. All of which JumboSwitch can handle.

Solutions For Public Safety & Emergency Networks

Choose from 5 different Telephone Extenders & 3 different Analog/Phone Multiplexers for your emergency Network. Extend analog phone service via Ethernet, fiber optics or RS232 circuits, link emergency dispatch centers to remote radio transmitters and connect campus emergency phones to central/control security centers .
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