All on One Network

Bring all of your devices to one network, even the legacy one

A smooth migration to Ethernet/IP while supporting network convergent interfaces including VoIP, C37.94, Serial Data (RS232, RS422, RS485), T1/E1, T3/E3, Voice (FXS/FXO), 2 and 4 wire analog and Ethernet over PDH.

Many entities, especially Utilities, are migrating to an "all-Ethernet/IP" architecture. With the emergence of IEC61850 as the de facto standard for substation automation for the deployment of the smart grid, Utilities are unifying and standardizing existing IEDs with different interfaces to a reliable plug-and-play Ethernet-based network.

Eliminates Network Clutter

JumboSwitch® saves you capital and operation costs by combining multiple networks carrying different types of traffic including SCADA, voice, video & data. You get a single, reliable infrastructure with centralized network management and minimal hardware devices.

Maximizes Network Reliability

The JumboSwitch® maximizes the reliability of mission-critical industrial networks with self-healing capabilities similar to SONET/SDH and fast recovery technologies including Rapid Spanning Tree. It also features hitless recovery for delay-sensitive teleprotection applications.

Enhances Network Migration

With JumboSwitch®, you get a gradual network migration strategy that minimizes disruptions to existing processes and infrastructure. Because JumboSwitch® can run over Fiber, T1/E1, T3/E3, SONET/SDH and Microwave, you can avoid expensive fork-lift upgrades.

About JumboSwitch®:

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