Modular Multi-Service Ethernet

An Ethernet system designed for flexibility and reliability

JumboSwitch® family of products was created to help users migrate legacy equipment onto IP/Ethernet networks. During design, TC’s engineers took into account mission critical reliability requirements, limited access to remote locations, and extreme weather conditions. As a result, JumboSwitch® is easy to setup and operate, monitors key statistics, manages remotely, and fits well into long-term future plans.

Edge Applications

JumboSwitch® can be used in edge applications providing support for legacy devices over existing user communications networks.

Backbone Applications

JumboSwitch® provides a highly effcient of deploying an Ethernet based communications backbone while maintaining support for previously established systems.

Modular Ethernet

All JumboSwitch® Interface cards are modular and can be used with all four chassis and cage options including 1U, 2S, 2U and 4U. This allows for pay-as-you-grow scalability. Future proof migration, including 10GigE, is guaranteed.

Hot-Swappable Cards

All JumboSwitch® interface cards are hot swappable; that is, they can be removed or replaced during operation without powering down a node or system.

Plug & Play

All key traffic engineering parameters on Ethernet cards (including VLANs, traffic prioritization, and port/card rate limiting) are downloaded automatically to the new interface card. This minimizes down-time and helps prevent configuration mistakes due to human error.

Interface Cards

Currently offering 6 different chassis types and 25 legacy interface cards including RS-232/RS-422, FXS/FXO, T1/E1, T3/E3, G.703, 600 Ω analog, and more.

About JumboSwitch®:

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