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JumboSwitch 2U Power Supply Card


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The AC or DC power supply cards for the 2U chassis are hot-swappable and located adjacent to each other on the front right-side of the chassis. Power supply cards are dual load-sharing. A single card is sufficient to fully power the chassis.

For assistance with this product or to request a user manual please contact Technical Support.


  • AC/DC with All Popular Power Options
  • Hot-Swappable
  • Load Sharing
  • Redundant with Automatic Failure Switchover
  • Monitoring for temperature and setting set alarm thresholds
  • Complies with Industry Standards including IEC 61850-3


TCRMPS6 - 2U Power Source (AC or DC)
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Maximum Power Consumption
  1. Maximum155W
Input Range
  1. 12VDC Power Supply
  2. Minimum Input10VDC
  3. Maximum Input28VDC
  4. 24VDC Power Supply
  5. Minimum Input18VDC
  6. Maximum Input36VDC
  7. -48VDC Power Supply
  8. Minimum Input-36VDC
  9. Maximum Input-72VDC
  10. 125VDC Power Supply
  11. Minimum Input70VDC
  12. Maximum Input154VDC
  13. 110/230VAC Power Supply
  14. Minimum Input90VAC
  15. Maximum Input264VAC


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