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JumboSwitch-DR DIN Rail Ethernet Switch

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This industrial Ethernet switch is a small form factor and efficient Industrial Ethernet solution with integrated serial server or Ethernet card expandibility.

  • Compact Chassis with Full Management
  • Base Unit with 2 x GigE SFP* Ports + 6 x 10/100Base-T
  • Optional Expansion Card with 6 10/100Base-T, 6 100FX or 4 Serial Channels
  • Ethernet Rate Limiting, VLAN, QoS
  • Temperature, Power Consumption & SFP Monitoring
  • Industrial Hardened & IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 & NEMA TS-2 Compliant
  • Supports MicroLok® Railroad Applications*
  • Member of JumboSwitch Product Family

*MicroLok® is a trademark for ANSALDO STS USA, INC.

The JumboSwitch-DR DIN Rail Ethernet Switch is a compact, efficient Industrial Ethernet switch solution with full JumboSwitch network compatibility and integrated Serial Server or Ethernet card expandability. It is compatible with all JumboSwitch product family chassis, management software, features and options, and guarantees maximum reliability and performance for industrial automation and mission critical redundant ring network applications.


An all-in-one connectivity solution for industrial automation and commercial network applications, the JumboSwitch-DR DIN Rail Ethernet Switch benefits users by offering an additional built-in 4-channel Serial Server or 6-port Ethernet card.

Transportation entities use the TC3840DR for traffic control and intelligent transportation system communication networks.

JumboSwitch® TC3840DR Traffic Control Application
JumboSwitch® TC3840DR Traffic Control Application

The TC3840DR's serial card is also used to support MicroLok®* devices over IP networks in railroad Positive Train Control (PTC) applications.

*MicroLok® is a trademark for ANSALDO STS USA, INC

The TC3840DR is often used by Utilities to connect substation RTUs/PLCs, including older legacy units with serial interfaces, to a central control center.

TC3840DR - Industrial Ethernet Switch
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Data Rates
  1. RJ4510/100 Mbps
  2. SFP1000 Mbps
Connection Capacity
  1. Base (Ethernet)
  2. RJ456 Ports
  3. SFP2 Ports
  4. Expansion (Ethernet)
  5. TC3841-2DR6x10/100Base-T
  6. TC3842-3DR6x100FX (SFP)
  7. Expansion (Serial-RS232/422/485)
  8. TC3847-1DR8 Ports (RJ11)
  9. (NOTE: Supports maximum of 4 channels of RS232 or RS422 or RS485 or Mix)
  1. TransmitterLASER
  2. ReceiverPIN Diode
  3. Wavelength (SFP) 850/1300nm MM and 1300/1550 SM
  4. SM SFP ConnectorsLC
  5. Loss Budgets - 1300/1550nm
  6. Multimode @62.5/125µm15dB
  7. Single Mode @9/125µm20dB
  8. (NOTE: Contact factory for higher requirements)
  2. (NOTE: Different Expansion may have different LEDs)
  1. Bit Error Rate1 in 1010 or Better
  1. Dry ContactNO or NC (selectable)
Diagnostic Functions
  1. Traffic StatisticsYes
  2. Launch PowerYes
  3. TemperatureYes
  1. Standard12VDC
  2. Optional24VDC, -48VDC or 115/230VAC (w/ external cube)
Operating Temperature
  1. Standard Temp -20°C to 70°C
  2. Extreme Temp (optional)-40°C to 80°C
  1. Storage-40°C to 90°C
  2. Humidity95% non-condensing
Physical (Standalone Unit)
  1. Height(16.26 cm) 6.4"
  2. Width(5.84 cm) 2.3"
  3. Depth(13.21 cm) 5.2"
  4. Weight(544 gm) 1.2 lbs
Expansion Ordering Information
  1. TC3841-2DR6 x 10/100Base-T
  2. TC3842-3DR6 x SFP 100FX
  3. TC3847-1DR4 x RS232/422/485
*SFP Transceiver not included
Note - Information contained in this datasheet is subject to change without prior notice.


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