Quality of Product

25+ Years of Manufacturing Quality Products in the USA

  • Certified to ISO 9001
  • Dynamic R&D
  • Intensive Product Testing
  • 5-Year Product Guarantee

TC Communications is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality products. As evidence of this commitment, all TC products are designed with the user in mind; that is, easy installation, self-testing, low power consumption, low component counts, long MTBF's, extensive remote management capabilities for preventive maintenance and download capability for software/firmware upgrades.

Engineering and production departments both feature extensive on-site testing equipment to verify that all products exceed pertinent industry and environmental specifications. At TC, every product is subjected to component inspections, preliminary powerup tests, functional tests, burn-in tests, and a comprehensive final test.

It is worth noting that, when it comes to quality, all vendors are not alike. Many vendors promise quality, but their processes often cannot stand up to close scrutiny. For example, some companies "sample test." That is, they test less than 10% of finished products and rely on statistical analysis to predict failure rates. At TC, quality is too important to leave to statistical analysis.

TC tests every product prior to shipping, including "live operating temperature" testing in an environmental chamber for more than 24 hours. TC's environmental chamber testing procedure requires every unit to be hooked up to a live tester to insure that it runs error-free when the temperature chamber cycles from -40°C to 80°C during an overnight burn-in test.

TC Communications employees are dedicated to maintaining TC's reputation for designing and manufacturing reliable, high quality products. You can be assured that TC will continue to meet the rigorous product and support requirements for industrial, military, government and commercial networks worldwide.

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