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New JumboSwitch® Brochure Includes Latest Voice/Data-over-IP Capabilities

01/14/2014 Download the JumboSwitch® Brochure Here

A new 12-page brochure that includes the latest voice and data over IP capabilities of the JumboSwitch® Multi-Service Ethernet Platform is now available in both print and pdf formats (download at or It includes application diagrams, benefits, features and technical specification charts.

The JumboSwitch® Multi-Service Ethernet Platform provides all capabilities of standard Ethernet Switches, but also offers 6 chassis options to integrate 25 different data, voice and Ethernet/IP interfaces on one gigE platform.

It is often used by Power Utilities as a primary backbone communications system or as a sub-network and can run over fiber, T1/E1, T3/E3, Microwave or SONET/SDS.

First introduced by TC Communications in 2007, the JumboSwitch® is a modern, low cost alternative to aging voice-centric SONET/SDH backbone communications systems.

JumboSwitch® networks with up to 150 nodes have been successfully deployed in a wide variety of critical network applications worldwide including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Italy and Jamaica.