Positive Train Control


TC Communications durable JumboSwitch multiservice Ethernet Switch platform is the ideal communications backbone for Positive Train Control. PTC is a Multi-service safety system network that utilizes GPS technology to prevent train- on- train collisions, regulate speed, and prevent on-board human error.

Using fiber optics or wireless, JumboSwitch systems are often deployed at intersections, bridges, radio towers, and remote control points. The JumobSwitch can transport voice, data or Ethernet signals between central management sites and remote operation systems such as:

The JumboSwitch provides reliable data connectivity between roadside cabinets subject to harsh weather conditions. It also supports voice applications (full-featured PBX) and real-time traffic management applications with IP and/or Serial-over-IP interfaces. The JumboSwitch allows for future growth and scalability to the communication network in support of an expanding PTC system.


JumboSwitch® Positive Train Control Integration
Backhauling data through JumboSwitch Fiber network
JumboSwitch®'s TDM over IP capabilities, is able to connect Remote Control Points to Radio Towers with Analog & Dry Contact interface cards allowing for immediate, clear, and reliable exchange of data for the PTC system.

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