The JumboSwitch® offers a unique blend of popular Ethernet and legacy interfaces to provide an integrated, cost-effective and reliable set of network solutions for the transportation industry. Most applications fall under two basic categories: Light Rail and Railroads & Heavy Rail.

Multi-Service Ethernet & Transport Applications

  • Light Rail Station Communications
    Transport various legacy signals over Ethernet to Train Operation Center.
    Preserve existing legacy equipment while upgrading to modern packet-based communications network.
  • Freight Rail Wayside Networks
    Monitor rail safety and security over Ethernet.

Light Rail

In light rail and metro rail systems, reliable communications for Network Operation Centers-to-Station (NOC) and Station-to-Station applications are critical to help ensure passenger safety and convenience. In this application, the JumboSwitch provides a reliable communications backbone for applications such as public address systems, ticket vending machines, video surveillance and security systems. The JumboSwitch also natively supports delay-sensitive, mission-critical control and signaling applications traditionally served by separate TDM-based products.

Freight Rail

Critical applications for heavy rail systems include: voice, video, data, and real time information between Network Operation Centers (NOC), trains and stations. The JumboSwitch® is a viable networking solution because it supports real time signaling and central network management for electronic interlocking systems required in the NOC.

In many instances the JumboSwitch® Gigabit Ethernet is used as a backbone for extending Serial, Ethernet and hundreds of encoded (e.g. MPEG 2) video streams over “long reach” 1000Base-SX/LX links spanning hundreds of kilometers. Comprehensive centralized network management is provided by TCView®.


JumboSwitch® Positive Train Control Integration
Backhauling data through JumboSwitch Fiber network
JumboSwitch®'s TDM over IP capabilities, is able to connect Remote Control Points to Radio Towers with Analog & Dry Contact interface cards allowing for immediate, clear, and reliable exchange of data for the PTC system.

Signal and Control Application
JumboSwitch connectivity between wayside cabinets on rail lines
The JumboSwitch® provides reliable data connectivity between wayside cabinets that are subject to harsh weather conditions. It also supports voice applications (full-featured PBX) and real-time traffic management applications with IP and/or Serial-over-IP interfaces.

Other Applications (click for full diagrams)

Freight Rail Wayside Networks
Freight Rail Wayside Networks
Monitor rail safety and security over Ethernet
Rail Communications Backbone Upgrade
Rail Communications Backbone Upgrade
Transport various legacy signals over Ethernet to Train Operation Control. Preserve the existing legacy network while upgrading to a packet-based communications system