Move away from Leased Private Lines
by utilizing your existing network while
preserving your existing Analog and TDM
interfaces. No service disruption and no
training for new devices.

The Trouble with Leased Private Lines

As Telco leased lines become obsolete and increasingly expensive to maintain, companies are looking for alternatives that eliminate their dependency on leased lines while maintaining their existing network.

Replacing Leased Lines

Virtual Access products convert leased line interfaces to Ethernet allowing you to move to your IP/MPLS network while your customers keep their legacy equipment.

Using alternate networks that are more cost effective, easier to maintain, or owned internally, you can move away from Leased Lines and still connect existing Analog and TDM interfaces.

Utilize Existing IP/MPLS Network

Replace Leased Lines Utilizing Exisiting IP Network
Connect multiple legacy interfaces via an existing IP or MPLS network

Preserving Equipment

Companies are choosing to preserve existing equipment for many reasons:

  • Existing maintenance contracts are not set to expire
  • Training on new equipment is too disruptive
  • Equipment is relatively new
  • Cost of new equipment and set up time

Various Leased Line Alternatives

Leased line replacement utilizing an existing WiMAX network

Products Featured

600Ω Analog-over-IP Gateway - TC3846-6

Analog and Dry Contact-over-IP Gateway (Shown in Standalone Chassis)
  • Voting-Over-IP
  • Dry Contact & 2/4-wire 600Ω analog
  • Options for 1ch, 2ch, 4ch E&M
  • Low Latency, less than 3msec.
  • Uncompressed 64kbps/channel
  • Eliminate recurring monthly fees
  • Protection against TELCO Leased Line elimination

RS232/422/485 Serial Server - TC3847-1

Serial Server
  • Supports RS-232 Handshaking (CTS/RTS)
  • Supports MicroLok®, Genisys, Modbus, DNP 3 serial protocols
  • 128 bit SSL Encryption for Management and Serial Data
  • Port Password Protection

VoIP Virtual-PBX - TC3848-1/-2

VoIP Virtual-PBX
  • 4 FXS + 1 FXO; or 5 FXO
  • Audio Codes Standards: G.711 ALAW/ULAW, G.726-32, T.38 Fax
  • Internal Address Book
  • Compatible with SIP

Analog, Audio & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer - TC8000

Audio Fiber Optic Mux
  • Up to 28 Channels of 2/4-wire Analog, Intercom and/or RS-232, RS-422, TTL Dry Contact Detectors & Closures
  • Voice Bandwidths from 300Hz to 3.4Khz
  • Multimode (850/1300nm) or Single Mode (1300/1550nm)

600Ω Analog & Dry Contact-over-T1/E1 - TC8614

600Ω Audio Dry Contact-over-T1 Mux
  • 4-ch. 600Ω Analog & Dry Contact
  • 2-Wire or 4-Wire Analog
  • ESF Framing Support
  • Dry contact detectors with
    Isolated Ground
  • Rack Mount or Stand Alone