Leased Line Replacement for Industrial, Mission Critical Networks

Our Role in Leased Line Replacement

Leased lines are becoming increasingly expensive and more difficult to maintain as Telcos look to end these services. As deadlines approach, companies are being forced to quickly find alternatives with minimal impact on existing networks.

Leased Lines can be replaced with minimal impact to the existing network. Networks can keep their existing legacy devices like 4-wire Analog Radios and connect to their IP/Ethernet or T1 lines.

Here are our common network alternatives:

  • Internal IP Network
  • MPLS
  • Public Netowrk
  • T1 Lines

Specializations and Applications

Internal IP/MPLS Network

Using alternate networks that are more cost effective, easier to maintain, or owned internally, you can move away from Leased Lines and still connect existing Analog and TDM interfaces.

Use an existing IP/MPLS network or build one out. Connect existing analog interfaces over microwaves or a fiber network.


Leased Line Replacement Over Internal Network

Use T1 Lines

Many Telcos offer T1 lines as an alternative to copper leased lines. Avoid cybersecurity headaches and regulation with T1 lines.

Transmit analog radios over T1/E1 lines.


Use T1 Lines

Use Ethernet Microwave

Compatibility with exisitng networks also includes wireless by way of Ethernet microwave or WiMAX


Use Ethernet Microwaves

Moving phones and radios onto an existing WiMAX network

A History of Helping
Customers Succeed

ESRN Eliminates Leased Line Costs

East Shore Radio Network (ESRN) needed a replacement solution to eliminate their leased line costs. Support for leased lines had also lessened in recent years. Finding a cost-effective and future proof solution was critical. ESRN was able to fully integrate existing equipment while improving audio quality.

Watch the video about the East Shore Radio Project

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Mid-Atlantic Utility Replaces Leased Lines

With the availability of Telco leased lines facing an uncertain future, Power Utility network managers are looking at alternative tools and transmission mediums for communications transport.

Learn about Radio Over IP as a leased line alternative

Multi-County Public Safety Agency Upgrades Microwave Radio Network

A public safety communications network in Iowa required a system-wide replacement to keep police, fire and emergency first-responders connected. Reliability of equipment had degraded and vendor support uncertain. Using a multi-service Ethernet platform (MSEP), STARCOMM was able to improve audio quality and network management. After searching for a compatible option, they decided on the JumboSwitch. With it they were able to enjoy Ethernet port limiting, management and self-healing redundancy.

Video: Leased Line Replacement and Legacy Preservation - Case Study

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