A wide range of literature is available to inform network professionals about the benefits and networking possibilities of TC Communications' more than 60 fiber optic communications products. More detailed information about networking applications and technical issues is provided in various Case Studies, Application Notes, White Papers and Email Blasts. Please refer to the categories below for specific topics.

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  1. QoS Prioritization

    Learn how the JumboSwitch uses QoS to offer deterministic performance for real-time applications.

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  1. Analog over IP Gateway for RoIP

    Police and fire departments use the TC3846-6 card for public safety projects. This product is compatible with popular “Voter Comparators” including the Raytheon SNV-12.

  2. Emergency Phone Line Bridge

    View the TC8938 application diagram and see how its used in emergency conferencing for first responders and operations staff.

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  1. Jamaica's JPS on JumboSwitch

    "The customer service provided by TC Communications is excellent and we are satisfied with...the quality of the products..." - Clive Wright, JPS

  2. California's CALTRANS on JumboSwitch

    "[CALTRANS] District 6 is very happy with the products and services that TC Communications has continued to provide throughout the years." - Samuel Campos, CALTRANS

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  1. ISO 9001 Certification

    TC Communications operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.