Intelligent Transportation Systems


The JumboSwitch is ideal for transportation and traffic control networks, especially as either a multi-featured high capacity Switch or integrated Ethernet, Voice and Data communications solution. It is particularly ideal for upgrading existing legacy networks and offering a low cost, more efficient alternative to traditional SONET/SDH backbones.

For example, because the JumboSwitch enables legacy serial communications to co-exist harmoniously on the same platform with more advanced technologies including Ethernet and VoIP, it can economically support serial/Ethernet traffic control signals, VoIP and IP cameras over one network. Moreover, JumboSwitch provides a future-proof platform that enables users to upgrade their old legacy systems immediately or over several years.

Until recently, SONET/SDH was the backbone network system of choice for many transportation applications because of perceived advantages over IP-based systems. The reality is that the JumboSwitch has become a better and cheaper alternative to SONET/SDH for transportation systems. SONET/SDH, although reliable and well understood, is voice-centric, less flexible, difficult to scale, and not optimized for packet data transmission.

In contrast, the JumboSwitch brings all of the benefits of modern Industrial Ethernet Technology. It provides the bandwidth, management and extensive features necessary to meet the exacting demands of today’s traffic control and transportation networks. Most important, the JumboSwitch is a much less expensive and much less complex alternative than SONET/SDH.

Intelligent Transport Systems

To reduce congestion, and enhance traveler safety, DOTs are deploying new Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) that include roadside devices as well as central office control systems. The JumboSwitch GigE platform provides a highly reliable network that can seamlessly support voice, video, and data for ITS applications on a single multi-service modular platform.

As depicted the diagram below, the JumboSwitch network supports a large selection of ITS multi-media applications providing communication between the control center, roadside devices and travelers on the highway. Some of the key ITS applications targeted for migration to the next generation Ethernet/IP network include:


Connect various devices through a reliable JumboSwitch® network backbone
Road-side cabinet traffic application using JumboSwitch®
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