Network Connectivity

Diagnose the network from your desk

For 20 years, TC Communications has made it a point to work with customers to meet unusual needs and solve special network connectivity problems. The JumboSwitch® offers a variety of special and unique benefits through enhance network connectivity.

Easy Ethernet/IP Migration

JumboSwitch® offers a cost effective and flexible alternative to a complete migration to an Ethernet-based network platform. It does not require upgrading legacy T1, Telephone, Serial and/or Teleprotection links.

Real Time Temperature & Power Monitoring

TCView®, the Network Management System (NMS) for JumboSwitch, continuously monitors individual interface cards for real time operating temperatures and power consumption. Users can also set alarm thresholds.

Remote Network Management

The JumboSwitch® can be managed from remote locations through VPN and supports remote software and firmware downloads.

Adjustable Bandwidth Rates

All TDM-over-Ethernet Interface cards offer adjustable bandwidth rates. This allows users to configure bandwidth rates to maximize network performance as they seem fit.

Automatic Optical Distance Adjustment

Unlike SONET/SDH systems, the JumboSwitch automatically adjusts for short or long optical links. Distances between links do not need to be specified when configuring the JumboSwitch®.

Chassis & Card Modularity

JumboSwitch® is available in 4 scalable chassis options and a growing number of hot-swappable interface cards. Ethernet cards automatically self-configure to parameters of the previous card eliminating time and potential for human error.

About JumboSwitch®:

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